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Government of Alberta

Find the Alberta government services and information you need.

Featured stories

Photo of a welcome banner held up by cranes over a road into Fort McMurray.

Fort McMurray & Wood Buffalo wildfire recovery

Information and resources for people and businesses returning to Fort McMurray and surrounding communities.

Family with holding a young child

Alberta Child Benefit

Find information on enhanced financial assistance for lower income families

Photo of a river flowing through a forest with mountains in the background.

Taking action on climate change

Learn about Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan – the government’s strategy for a stable, sustainable future 

Photo of Rachel Notley

Premier of Alberta

Premier Rachel Notley is the leader of Alberta's government

Find information by topic

Emergencies and public safety

Information to keep your family, your home and your community safe.


Learn more about how the Government of Alberta operates, how your tax dollars are spent and government’s priorities and projects.

Financial, family and social supports

Financial assistance and support programs for individuals and families.

Education and training

Education in Alberta covers kindergarten to post-secondary and career training.

Employment and jobs

Jobs and careers in Alberta and information and resources for employees and employers.

Running a business

Information and resources for starting and running a business .

Health and wellness

Live a healthy and meaningful life in Alberta.

Housing, apartments and condominums

Information on renting, leasing or buying your home, building or renovating, and property taxes and utilities.

Moving to Alberta

Immigration information, jobs, health, education and more for those planning to move or who are new to Alberta.

Municipalities, communities and recreation

Discover more about Alberta’s municipalities and communities, sport and recreation opportunities and volunteers.

Arts and culture

Arts and culture events and facilities and funding and resources for artists and organizations.

Environment and natural resources

Protecting Alberta’s environment and natural resources includes preserving the quality of our water, air, natural lands and wildlife.

Industry and economy

Find information about Alberta’s economy, including research and innovation, provincial budgeting and resource extraction.

Transportation, roads and driving

Drivers, vehicles, roads and highways information and legislation.

Rights, justice and the law

Crime, law enforcement and the province's justice system, legal representation and documents and your rights as an Albertan.