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Highwood River Basin — Diversion Project

The proposed Highwood River diversion would divert some of the river's flow around the Town of High River during flood conditions.

Estimated impact on flood mitigation

The Highwood River diversion would be designed to handle approximately 500 cubic metres of water per second. While normal flows for the Highwood River during the month of June are between 30 and 70 cubic metres per second, the peak flow rate during the June 2013 floods was between 1500 and 1800 cubic metres per second.

Project status

This project is currently in the environmental screening and community consultation phase. Final decisions on how to proceed with the Highwood River diversion will be based on what we learn in the coming months.

Quick facts

  • Three options are on the table for the diversion route: one south, one north, as well as a split north-south route.
  • The length of the Highwood River diversion would be approximately 7 kilometres. As a comparison, Winnipeg's Red River Floodway is 47 kilometres.
  • The width of the diversion would vary based on slope and the need to spread the water flow over a larger area. The diversion would be approximately 40 metres wide at narrow points, and up to 200 metres at its wide points.
  • AECOM is the engineering company contracted to study and recommend flood mitigation options for the Highwood River.