Government expense disclosure

Find information on the salary and expenses of Alberta elected officials and senior government employees, and on grant payments and sole-source services contracts.

Premier and ministers' office expenses

Monthly expenses incurred by the Premier, ministers, their executive assistants and administrative support staff.

Travel and hospitality

Expenses incurred by the Premier, ministers, political staff, senior officials, deputy ministers and executive managers in the Alberta Public Service.

International travel

Expenses incurred by the Premier, ministers, MLAs and ministers' office staff for travel outside of Canada.

Salary and severance disclosure

Compensation for government employees with base salaries or severance payments equal to or greater than the annual threshold.

Political salaries and contracts

Salary and contract information for staff in Premier's and Ministers' offices.

Selected payments to MLAs

Annual reports of payments to MLAs such as remuneration, benefits, travel expenses and pension payments to former MLAs.

Grant payments disclosure

Information on grants provided to support programs and initiatives throughout the province.

Sole-source service contracts

Information on sole-source contracts of $10,000 or more for services by government departments.