Alberta is developing a new strategy on climate change based on recommendations put forward by the Climate Change Advisory Panel. While details of the final strategy are still being developed, there are 4 key areas that the Alberta government has moved forward on:

  • Phasing out emissions from coal-generated electricity and developing more renewable energy
  • Implementing a new carbon price on greenhouse gas emissions
  • A legislated oil sands emission limit
  • Employing a new methane emission reduction plan

Ending coal pollution

Pollution from coal-fired sources of electricity will be phased out completely by 2030. In place of coal, cleaner sources of generation (e.g., natural gas, wind, solar, biomass) will meet our power needs.

Greater investment in renewable energy projects over time will help us work towards a cleaner energy future.

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Carbon levy and rebates

A key component of Alberta’s response to climate change involves replacing our present emissions intensity carbon pricing program with one that's based on an emissions performance standard.

Alberta’s use of a carbon price would cover 78% to 90% of provincial emissions, which would be the highest in Canada.

This new approach is expected to generate sufficient revenue to help fund:

  • Provincial efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Research and innovation
  • Green infrastructure
  • Development of renewable energy projects
  • An offset of potential cost increases for low- to mid-income Albertans.

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Capping oil sands emissions

Alberta will transition to a $30/tonne carbon price for oil sands facilities to drive towards reduced emissions. A legislated maximum emissions limit of 100Mt in any year, with provisions for cogeneration and new upgrading capacity, will help drive technological progress. It will also ensure operators have time to develop and implement new technology that takes more carbon emissions out of every barrel and reduces Alberta’s overall emissions.

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Reducing methane emissions

Alberta is targeting a 45% reduction in methane gas emissions from Alberta’s oil and gas operations by 2025.

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