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Calgary Underground Diversion Study

This study will determine the feasibility of diverting water during flood conditions underground along Heritage Drive from Glenmore Reservoir to the Bow River.

Estimated impact on flood mitigation

If determined to be a feasible flood mitigation option, the underground diversion could accommodate a peak flow of roughly 500 cubic metres per second. The peak flow rate of the Elbow River entering Glenmore Reservoir during the June 2013 floods was approximately 1,240 cubic metres per second.

Project status

This feasibility study is directed by the City of Calgary to determine if this project will fill their needs. The next steps would be environmental screening and community consultations.

Quick facts

  • Preliminary designs call for a diversion pipe that is 8 metres in diameter and stretches from the Glenmore Reservoir to the Bow River, underneath Heritage Drive.
  • The size and population of Calgary make an underground diversion worth exploring.