The feedback collected for Budget 2015 and Budget 2016 included telephone town hall meetings, Chamber of Commerce meetings, non-profit group meetings and online public submissions.

Telephone town hall meetings

Last fall, the Finance Minister hosted 2 telephone town hall meetings on Sept 21 and 23, 2015.

  • Northern Alberta: 37,065 people joined the call (Sept 21)
  • Southern Alberta: 46,090 people joined the call (Sept 23)

This spring, the Premier and the Finance Minister hosted 2 telephone town hall meetings on Mar 15 and 16, 2016.

  • Northern Alberta: 32,920 people joined the call (Mar 15)
  • Southern Alberta: 33,318 people joined the call (Mar 16)

Chambers of Commerce

Last August and September, the Finance Minister met with local business leaders throughout the province to discuss budget priorities. The Minister met with Chamber of Commerce members in Calgary, Fort McMurray, Edmonton, Peace River, Red Deer, Lethbridge, Cold Lake, and Medicine Hat.

Throughout the winter and spring of 2016, the Premier and the Finance Minister travelled the province and held forums in Fort McMurray, Grande Prairie, Edmonton, and Calgary. They also met with stakeholders in Lethbridge, Red Deer and Peace River.

Non-profit groups

Last fall, discussions with non-profit groups were also held across the province. These consultations included anti-poverty groups, crime prevention groups, youth and volunteer centres, public libraries, First Nations groups/associations, business associations and community groups.

Online submissions

The Finance Minister invited the public to submit feedback and suggestions on the fall 2015 and spring 2016 budgets online or by email.

Treasury Board and Finance received approximately:

  • 3,830 individual online submissions
  • 360 emails (this included both personal and business submissions)
  • 150 business submissions via email, fax and letter

Summary of Consultations

Read the Summary of Consultations, Fall 2015 & Spring 2016 report (0.1 MB)