1. Complete the 2 AISH forms by hand or on your computer:

    Forms are also available at AISH offices and can be mailed to you. You can also call the Alberta Supports Contact Centre (ASCC) at 1-877-644-9992 or 780-644-9992 within Edmonton for an application.

  2. Use the checklist in the AISH application to gather copies of documents you must provide.
  3. Bring or mail completed forms and all documents to your nearest AISH office. Keep copies for your files.

After you apply

  • if you haven’t given us all of your personal, financial and medical information, we’ll send you a letter asking for it
  • if you meet the residency, age and financial eligibility criteria for AISH, we’ll send you one or more medical reports for your doctor to complete – your doctor may charge you to fill out these reports
    • if you’re on Income Support, the cost to fill in these reports may be covered – contact your Income Support worker
    • If you’re not on Income Support, but need to cover this cost – contact your nearest Alberta Works Centre for more information
  • if you haven’t provided all the information we need to make a decision, we may ask for more information from your doctor or other health providers
  • if your application is approved, your benefits will be back-dated to the month AISH received all the complete information to approve it
  • if your application is not approved:
    • you’ll get a letter that gives the reasons you were not approved and information on appealing a decision
    • you can provide AISH with additional information showing a change in your situation
  • to find out about your application or what you can do if you’re not approved for AISH, contact your nearest AISH office

Applying for other benefits while waiting for AISH

Reopening your AISH file

  • if you leave AISH, you may have your AISH file reopened quickly if:
    • it’s been less than 2 years since you got your last AISH benfits
    • you didn’t leave AISH due to a change in your medical condition
  • if these criteria don’t apply, you’ll need to reapply