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The Alberta Flood Mitigation Symposium

By hosting a symposium on flood mitigation, the Government of Alberta is taking action to make sure we're prepared for future flood.

Alberta's Watershed Management Symposium: Flood and Drought Mitigation — April 29, 2014

This public symposium covered Alberta's progress to improve its flood and drought resiliency, including the role of natural solutions.

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Michael Gabaldon, Associate Vice-President, AECOM

Using the Colorado River and recent flood events in the State of Colorado as backdrops, Michael talked about bringing diverse stakeholders together to create an effective total watershed management plan.

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Evan Friesenhan, Acting Director, River Forecast Section, Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development

Evan explained Alberta's approach to river forecasting, warning systems, and shared tools and resources that will be used to keep the public informed.

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Dr. Matthias Jakob, Senior Geoscientist, BCG Engineering

In June 2013 a series of damaging debris floods took place in the Bow River Valley. Dr. Jakob explained how ongoing hazard and risk assessments for steep mountain creeks in Alberta will be used to mitigate the risk posed by debris floods in the future.

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Matt Machielse, Assistant Deputy Minister, Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development

Matt presented key findings from the Government of Alberta's flood mitigation engineering studies, along with next steps for major flood mitigation projects.

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Flood Mitigation Symposium — October 2013

On October 4, 2013 the Alberta Flood Mitigation Symposium brought together experts, community representatives and Albertans to discuss ideas and best practices for flood mitigation.

Recording of the symposium. The event begins at 42:15.

Slide Presentations

Andre Corbould

Andre Corbould, Chief Assistant Deputy Minister, Flood Recovery - Mr. Corbould's presentation provides an overview of the Government of Alberta's approach to flood mitigation, an update on activities undertaken to date, and an explanation of the process for ongoing public and stakeholder engagement as mitigation efforts move forward.

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Scott Edelman

Scott Edleman, Senior Vice President, AECOM Water Resources and past president of the Association of State Flood Plain Managers (ASFPM) Foundation - Mr. Edelman's presentation focuses on how risk communication needs to take human behavior into account, along with scientific studies and lessons learned, in order to increase Alberta's resiliency for natural disasters.

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Dave Ardell

Dave Ardell, Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development — Mr. Ardell's presentation provides information on the province's forecasting system and flood mapping program.

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Barrie Brand

Barrie Brand, Alberta Emergency Management Agency - Mr. Brand's presentation focuses on personal emergency preparedness — what everybody needs to know and act on.

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Richard Lindseth

Richard Lindseth, Richard Lindseth Architecture Inc. and member of the Community Flood Mitigation Advisory Panel — Mr. Lindseth provides an overview of the work being done by the Community Flood Mitigation Advisory Panel.

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Kim Sturgess

Kim Sturgess, WaterSMART - During July, 2013 a group of water practitioners from across Alberta and the world participated in developing the Great Flood White Paper. Collectively, they identified specific actions that can be taken to mitigate, manage and control the impacts of extreme weather events resulting in floods and the inevitable opposite condition of severe drought. The recommendations and actions are reviewed in this presentation, including some updates on activities currently underway.

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