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The Building Alberta Plan

Government's plan to build an even stronger, safer and more prosperous Alberta by investing in what matters most.

Budget 2014 is the next step in the Building Alberta Plan. Alberta's budget is based on three components:

  • Operational Plan- programs and services for Albertans - this plan includes revenue and expenses.
  • Capital Plan - infrastructure, such as public buildings and roads.
  • Savings Plan - short and long-term savings for Alberta's future.

A barefooted boy sits on a wood floor. He has stacked a tower of building blocks from the scattered blocks around himInvesting in families and communities
We are building new roads, schools and health facilities. And we're strengthening programs to support children, families, seniors and vulnerable Albertans.

Opening new markets
We are working to get fairer prices to generate revenue that supports the programs and services Albertans rely on.

Living within our means
We will challenge every dollar government spends, invest wisely and save for the future.

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