Budget 2015

Supporting jobs, supporting families. The Alberta way.

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Share your Budget 2016 priorities and ideas

Government wants to hear Albertans' thoughts, priorities and ideas as it responds to the province’s evolving fiscal situation.

Supporting jobs and the economy

Taking action to support job creation and stimulate economic growth and diversification.

Supporting families

Details on investments in health, education, and all the services Albertans rely on.

A plan to balance

Budget 2015 positions Alberta to return to balanced budgets in a reasonable time frame.

Economic situation

Alberta’s economy is affected by factors like the global economy and population growth.


Provincial revenue comes from sources such as taxes, non-renewable resources, federal transfers and investment income.


Information on the savings accounts government has built for Albertans and what they’re used for.

Budget 2015

Budget 2015 lays the groundwork for a stronger, diversified economy while stabilizing the frontline public services that all Albertans rely on.

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Budget 2015 supports jobs and families

Budget 2015 includes stable funding for Alberta’s hospitals, schools and social services, reversing the previous government’s cuts to frontline services.